Microblading & SPMU online course

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  • 10 week duration
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  • Microblading eyebrows is a form of semi permanent makeup. Microblading creates natural beautiful brows with a handheld tool consisting of a blade and a hand piece
  • You will have  access to  training portal where you will find your course training manuals, demonstration videos & assessment details
  • Inclusive training materials are sent to you via Email
  • Providing you have reached the required standard, your certificate will be available
  • Any student not reaching the required standard to receive their certificate will be given guidance from our tutor how to improve their work and will be able to re-submit their assessment free of charge.
  • You will need to provide photographic evidence of your practical work & answer a short theory exam and you will need to have models (family and friends) lined up to perform the practical work on.(Student must provide your own kit for your practical work)
  • Online live demonstration can be provided on request via Skype

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